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Choosing the right guitar

I believe once you’ve found a great instrument, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Once you decide to start guitar lessons, getting the right fit has never been more important than for beginners. These are points to take note of when choosing a guitar: ·         Decide what type of music you want to play […]

Blooming Bellies – Electrifying Strummers

Blooming Bellies – Electrifying Strummers [insert pic Blooming Bellies Electrifying Strummers] I love attending family functions for the food. Sometimes I get to enjoy Grandma’s home-cooked comfort food; sometimes it’s my Father-in-law’s curry chicken or sambal prawns; and I especially enjoy my husband’s aunty’s recipe for fried chicken. So here, recreated specially for this Blooming […]

Musikgarten, Family Music for Babies class

Today, my Little One and I had the privilege to attend a Family Music for Babies (FMB) lesson at Bloom School of Music & Arts, accredited by Musikgarten, a leader in early childhood music education in the US. The Musikgarten curricula, adopted by Bloom School of Music & Arts, boasts of parent-child bonding with simple, […]

Sing-along song – If you’re happy

Most children are naturally interested in music. Children require movement for their development and growth. They take delight in movement, and music helps them along the way. In my close-to-five years of preschool teaching, I have noticed that toddlers prefer some songs over others. Repetitive songs top the children’s list of favorite songs. Action songs […]

Trivial Trivia – Drum sticks

My dad was shopping at a music store for drumsticks for his drummer friend, when he was told some words of wisdom: Don’t, rather, NEVER buy drumsticks for someone else. Drumsticks to a drummer are as personal as say, a handphone to you; only you know what you want in a handphone. So a drummer […]