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Teacher Feature Drum

I know a couple of drummers, but it’s not often I see a female drummer! Here’s introducing Tan Lee Ying, our Drum Teacher at Bloom School of Music & Arts. Teacher: Tan Lee Ying Qualification: BA(Hons) in Classical Percussion under Goldsmiths, University of London Teaching Course: Drum Kit   Biography Tan Lee Ying is a […]

Music and its effect on emotions

In school, the result of children’s learning show when they confidently (and often randomly) break out into song. Most preschool teachers are aware of the beneficial effects of music in enhancing memory and learning. Thus, many of us teachers choose to sing, use songs, rhymes, music, dance and/or movements to bring their attention to less-than-interesting […]

Sing-along song – Put Your Finger in the Air

Some preschools follow a thematic curriculum every month or so. In the early part of the year, the children usually will learn themes such as “Myself” or “My Body”. I have the habit of creating a playlist for all the suitable songs for a theme. Here is one song I grew to like while searching […]

Music as Therapy in Traditional Medicine 2015

During this period of revelry of all things Chinese, let’s delve into the history of music in Ancient China. In Ancient China, musical instruments such a pottery ocarinas and stone chimes were a discovery that dates as far back as 1500 BC. By mid 3rd century BC, the classification of musical instruments by the type of […]

We can play on the Big Bass Drum ( Sing-along Song )

Music for young children comes in the form of subscribed YouTube channels in this generation of tech-savvy parents, although there still are parents who love singing for their children. Channels such as Super Simple Songs, Barefoot Books, and TheLearningStation to name a few, churn out the classic nursery rhymes to brand new, original songs that are catchy, addictive, and […]

Trivial Trivia – Piano

The piano is a very popular musical instrument as it is flexible enough to be used for various styles of music, from classical to jazz. The first piano was invented in 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian harpsichord maker. The word ‘piano’ derives from the Italian word ‘pianoforte’ which means ‘loud and soft’, named appropriately […]

What is your learning style?

Most educational systems assume that everyone can learn the same materials in the same way, and that a uniform, universal measure suffices to test students’ learning. In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner theorized that there are 8 Multiple Intelligences (learning methods) that individuals, educators and parents can learn to be aware of; so that they can […]

Music for Babies with Musikgarten

Bloom School of Music & Arts is one of the few music schools in Singapore to offer music for babies through the use of the Musikgarten programme. What is Musikgarten? Musikgarten’s music curriculum was created in 1994 by Dr. Lorna Heyge and Audrey Sillick. Dr. Heyge’s education in music is extensive, and Kindermusik was her brainchild […]

How to choose a second-hand piano

Being the eldest child and the only girl among my cousins mean that most of the time I get new clothes. Growing up, in a bid to save money for more shopping, I accepted hand-me-downs, and have continued this habit, so that I have more money to spend on learning experiences for my children. Once, […]

Should You Have Piano Lessons at School or at Home?

In one of my previous posts, What is Your Learning Style?, we looked at Howard Gardner’s theory about learning styles, and the various piano teaching methods employed in schools in Singapore. Making the effort to find the right match will help you save a lot of time and money. I came across this article by Elissa […]