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Teacher Feature – Piano

Teacher: Elaine Lau Qualifications: Piano-Trinity ATCL Certificate, Theory-ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate Teaching Course: Piano   Interview How did your interest in music start? When I was 5 years old, my mother let me choose between ballet and piano. I don’t remember exactly why I chose the latter, but I have been learning how to play […]

Sing-along Song – 小情歌 by 蘇打綠 (Xiao Qing Ge by Sodagreen)

The world’s most familiar musical instrument, the piano, is used in a myriad of musical genres, from classical music to jazz, and even modern day pop music. It is also used for solo or ensemble performances, accompaniment, and rehearsals. The piano is often the instrument of choice for inspiring composers because of its versatility and ubiquity. […]

Blooming Bellies – The Keys to the Tummy

I was thinking about a fun dish to make in relation to our topic on the piano, when over my Japanese feast one day, I thought, “Hey, I could make my sushi look like a piano!” The vinegarish white rice would be the white keys, then the seaweed would be the black keys. It’s so […]

Trivial Trivia – Guitar

Thanks to Hollywood, which sometimes play up mushy scenes with the man serenading his cat love of his life, we now recognize the guitar to be a very handy and romantic musical instrument to use, to melt the heart of your other half. Early forms of the guitar appeared as far back as 3000 years ago. There […]

Sing-along Song – Hotel California by Eagles

I can’t remember exactly what started me on my musical journey. But I do remember attending classes at Yamaha and performing in mini electone concerts throughout my learning journey. My motivation level to practice dropped as I got older and stressed with school, but I still appreciate good music and talented musicians. During the boy […]

FMB, Family Music for Babies

I was invited for yet another FMB (Family Music for Babies) class at Bloom School of Music & Arts on 3 October 2015. It has been exactly 9 months (what are the odds!) since her last trial class which she had enjoyed; the catchy, simple and repetitive songs allowed me to replicate her experiences at home sans the instruments, […]

Piano Tuning

What A piano goes out of tune because: 1. Changes in humidity is a major factor. The change in temperature causes piano strings to vibrate in different frequencies, hence changing the pitch. 2. A long neglected piano; a piano that is seldom played will lessen string tension overtime. 3. A highly utilized piano, especially very […]

Indian Musical Instruments

Deepavali is known as the ‘Festival of Lights’, and it is a public holiday in Singapore, celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. Diyas (oil lamps) are lighted, and rangoli (designs made with coloured chalk, flour or rice) are created at the entrances and walkways of many celebrants’. Diwali, as it is also known, is […]

Arty Smarty: DIY Musical Instrument – Jingle Bells

As a mother of three, I can vouch that the children will play with anything other than their own toys. So it became a habit of mine to collect nice and sturdy recyclable materials for them to use during play. You can do your part to save Mother Earth by recycling: repurpose recyclable materials and make them […]

Music lessons for babies, Musikgarten’s Family Music for Babies

As someone who grew up learning music, now that I have my own children, naturally I want them to learn and appreciate music too. So when I got this opportunity to research about music lessons for babies, I was glad to find out about Musikgarten and its programmes.   Your child’s brain is prewired to […]