Blooming Bellies Electrifying Strummers

Blooming Bellies – Electrifying Strummers

Blooming Bellies – Electrifying Strummers

[insert pic Blooming Bellies Electrifying Strummers]

I love attending family functions for the food. Sometimes I get to enjoy Grandma’s home-cooked comfort food; sometimes it’s my Father-in-law’s curry chicken or sambal prawns; and I especially enjoy my husband’s aunty’s recipe for fried chicken. So here, recreated specially for this Blooming Bellies feature, is the recipe for spicy, tongue-tingling, finger-licking good tandoori fried chicken, rocking Punjabi style! *cue Bollywood Bhangra music*

Electrifying Strummers

Good for about 8 pieces of small drumsticks


Atta flour 1 cup

Tandoori masala (chicken tikka mix) 50g

Chilli powder 1 TBsp (or more if you’re adventurous!)

Curry powder 1 TBsp

A large mixing bowl

Salt roughly 1 tsp

Curry leaves


8 small chicken drumsticks



1.       Mix the atta flour, chilli powder, curry powder and masala together in a large mixing bowl. Add salt to taste.

2.      Coat the chicken in the mix.

3.      In a wok, heat up enough oil to cover the chicken during cooking.

4.      Throw in the curry leaves and a pinch of salt.

5.      Put in the drumsticks one or two at a time, before retreating to shield yourself from oil splatters.

6.      Use a pair of tongs to occasionally turn the chicken during cooking.

7.      Once the chicken turns golden brown, bring it out and leave it on a wire rack to let drip excess oil.

8.     Then dig in! (Serving suggestion)


Hope you enjoy making (and eating) this as much as I did making the poster boy for Bloom’s Fried Chicken—electrifyingly good!